Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Chapter 1

The day I turned 17, is the year of my graduation. Eeeep 5 more months left till graduation. Walla mub m9adga. Jawaher is my best friend, 5alna ngool e5ti. She has hazel eyes, her hair is light brown, she is tall and skinny. 5alny a3rfkm 3ala nafsy. My eyes are hazel brown, I am not short and not tall, lets say average in height. Oh and my name is Fa6ma, I prefer to be called f6oom, f6ami, f6f6 or any other nice nickname.

BBM Chat:

Me: Jojo yalla goomy 5aleena nseer Dubai Mall, its Friday w lain al7een maswaina shay.

Jojo: okay fine, yalla batlbs w bamr 3laich

Me: kk bye

Jojo: Bye

Chat Ended

" Mama Mama, I'm going to Dubai Mall wya Jojo, m7taja shay?" I say with a loud voice
" La 7beebty deeri balch 3ala 3mrch" Mom said shouting back at me

I went straight to my room and put on my denim shorts and my neon pink shirt. I did my hair into a messy bun and headed downstairs. " uffff shu ha, mta hal 7mara baty" I say madly.

Incoming Call:

Jojo: wainch yalla atryach outside.

Me: yalla 6al3a al7een, bye

Jojo: Bye

Call Ended

I walk up to the car and I see Jojo waiting. I opened the door and got in.

Me: Hi Jojo

Jojo: Hi yal chalba, sh5barch?

Me: Good and you?

Jojo: Im good

Me: Sooooooo, hows your guy?

Jojo: Walla hes fine :$

Me: What are we going to do today?

Jojo: We will sit in Armani Cafe and then go for shopping

Me: Alright then

I put on my earphones and I started to listen to my music. As we got to Dubai Mall, we headed through the Fashion Avenue. We headed to the Cafe and we told the lady we wanted a table of 2. I spotted many people that I knew but no one really cared. Jojo was in her own romantic world with her boyfriend. She didn't really mind what happened or what did not happen, she was just thinking about her boyfriend. Sometimes she irritates me. As I was looking around I spotted my cousin 3abdulla. 3abdulla wld 5alty, his sister and I are really close but we didn't see each other since a year.

Me: Jojo Jojo, shoofy hatha weld 5alty, 3aboood :o

Jojo: Awaih, he's coming towards us 

Me: Shit! Shu bswy al7een

Jojo: 5ala9 chub, he's coming

As he came closer I stared at him, he changed all of a sudden. Its been a year since I saw him. He became really tall and he got the body that all the guys dream of. He is drop dead handsome. I was gazing into his eyes as he came closer.

3abood: hello fa6oom, shu feech sar7ana?

I didn't reply, i was busy staring at him.

3abood: ey akalmch ana
Me: oh sorry mashftk

3abood: mub 3alaina yal 5ree6a

Me: ufff mnk, Im sorry inzain

3abood: okay, malch 7s, wainch m5tfya

Me: walla its my senior year now w lazm ashd 7aily this year.

3abood: walla ma9adgt ench fa6oom, estwaity  7lwa, you completely changed. I still remember you when you were a baby.

Me: chub, you changed wayed, you became much more mature and walla its been sooooo long.

3abood: you got a message on BBM I guess

Me: oh, never mind that

3abood: you sure? I think you're getting a call now.

Me: shit, excuse me

3abood: you're excused 

OMG, that was shocking. Why did this happen in front of 3abood, now he thinks I talk to guys. He will think that I have a bad reputation . I hope he never finds out about Rashed.

Incoming Call:
Rashed: Aloo fa6oom, laish ma trdeen 3al BBM ha? shu 3ndch? haa? btgooleen wla shuuu?

Me: dgeega my cousin 3abood hnee, you have to wait, tara gam yshk  feeny

Rashed: ufff mnch, latrmseeny, 5aleeh ynf3ch inzain

Me: What the..............

Rashed: seery yalla, jlby wayhch

And he ended the call. Oh Rashed is my friend, he is cute and kind but not the person that you heard on the phone a while ago. He is doing this because he is mad at me. I like him as a friend, he has green eyes, blonde hair and he is 19 years old. He has a muscular body but not hot and sexy as 3badii's. Rashed is half American and half Local. As I head back to tom 3abood and Jojo, 3abood gave me that look.

Me: back guys

Jojo: wain srty?

Me: nothing, i'll explain later 

3abood: why don't you wanna say it in front of me?

Me: Its private

3abood: wanna add me on BBM?

Me: sure gimme your pin 

3abood: 29******
Me: done, got your invitation?

3abood: okay, I guess I will talk to you on BBM and we will have a chat

Me: okay Boody.

As he left I saw his personal message change into " Best Day Ever"

BBM Chat:

Me: whats up with your pm?

3abood: mashay bas yom shftch ert7t nfsyn :$ <3

Me: awwww so sweeet <3

3abood: brmsch mn aw9al home

OMGGGGGGG, I can't believe 3abood added me, he is just drop dead handsome. I never thought Rashed byswy che w bygoly hal kalam. Walla I should ignore him. Walla wayed 8hrny w nrfzny. As we reached home, I was so tired. It was around 11:30 pm and I could barely stand on  my feet. Walla elyoom kan 9dg ta3ab. I went upstairs and headed to the toilet and finished taking a shower. Lbast my PJ's w set sweetly coffee. 3gb ma 5la9t srt my room w before I slept I checked my BB, Shit Rashed is pinging me, I should ignore him, ywaly inshallah. 

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