Thursday, 9 May 2013

Chapter 3


When I saw the red light flashing from my BB I held it w I opened BBM. Walla gal by kan ydg bsr3a. Sheft 3aboods pm w kan mktob " Walla Men 3yoon El Nas A'3ar 3laich.. F <3 ". OMGGG he's just waged sweet. Fdait his soul walla.. Wi9alny BBM chat from 3abood, I didn't want to open the chat, but kan el shay yfa'67 because ho yals jdamy w a7es bygool shay.

BBM Chat:

3abood: Fa6oom ana mub m9adg ench fee mixed school.

Me: Laish, hal shay 7ram? shu feeha law ana fee mixed school?

3abood: 5la9 never mind, i thought you would care w walla eny a'3ar 3laich Fa6oom, walla.

Me: SHIT !! :$

3abood: Shu feech? 3sa ma shar? :(

Me: La mashay bas matw83t hal kalam 3abood, Do you like me?

3abood: Yes!!!

Me: OMG :$!!!

3abood: Its already 5:30 and were still here, I guess we should go back home.

Me: Nooooo, stay, walla malal baykoon.

3abood: Fine!!!!! 3shanch bas.

Me: Awwww, we should stop using the BB because its obvious.

3abood: Okay bye luv <3

Me: Bye

When I left the chat I saw his pm change into " Fdaitch Ana ". Walla I felt something go down my spine. Walla waged ert7t 7ag 3abood, walla a7ba, I wish I could be his girl. Walla the girls who is gonna be his only girl is going to be lucky. I could see it in his eyes, he was madly in love with me, I knew he would do anything for me. 3abood called me and said lets play fun run, so I told him okay. We played around 5 or 6 games and the clock struck 8. I went upstairs and fixed my hair, we had a 2 week holiday. 3abood's sister Shamoos came over and she is just awesome. It will take me more than million years to describe her.

Shamsa is really tall and skinny, she has light brown hair and light brown eyes. When I saw her I hugged her soooo tight and I squeezed her. 3abood said I wish It was me in your arms. Shamsa didn't know what was going on so I explained to her everything, she then told me to come along and sleepover in our house. I spoke to my mom and she said yes. 3abood was really happy. I went upstairs.

I packed my shorts and shirts and some personal clothes. I took my phones and my chargers and the things that I needed. I felt that something was gonna go wrong, after I finished packing I went downstairs. When I reached, I saw 3abood and Shamoos waiting for me, walla I could see that 3abood is soooo excited. He came to me and took my bag and said  " 3a6eeny maba ata3bch " I gave him the bag, as I was giving him my bag I felt the touches of his fingers, they were smooth and soft. Oh how hot he is.

It was around 10:30 pm, we got into the car and 3badi sat in the front as Shamoos and I sat in the back. I felt that my phone was vibrating. I guess someone was pinging me, 3abood had the radio turned on, it was a really nice song. When I opened my BB I saw 3abood pinging me.

BBM Chat:

Me: Ha 3abood

3abood:Fdait ely tzgrny 3abood ana  <3

Me:  Tfdaaak <3

3abood: Okay, el song kathy ehda2 7agch ya ba3dy klhm.

Me: Awww, el song waged 7lwa.

3abood: tslmeen galby <3

Me: Kam bagy lain ma no9al?

3abood: Bagy maybe 10-15 minutes.

Me: uffff wayed, bas Jumeirah wayed fun, all the guys ely fee my class ygolon kasha.

3abood: Don't worry we will take you kl mkan tbain, falich 6ayeb yal '3alya.

Me: Awwwwww wayed cute inta :$

3abood: Fdaaait galbch 7beebty <3

Me: We9alna 9a7?

3abood: Heh 7beeby

When we got down 3abood took my bag and took it to Shamoos's room. We went upstairs and it was 11:10pm, we stayed up till 2 and then we slept.

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