Thursday, 9 May 2013

Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up at 11:20 by el pingat mal Rashood. Shall I open his chat or not? So I decided to open the chat and see what that bast*** wants from me. I wish that I never got to know him. All he wants is problems.

BBM Chat:

Me: ufffff mnk, shu tba? mb kfaya el kalam ely glta ams?

Rashed: che tkalmeeny? shu swait ana? hathy yzay a'3ar 3laich ha?

Me: you dont deserve a person like me walla, you dont have respect.

Rashed: Fa6oom walla im sorry, walla a7bch, sam7eeny for what I said, please Fa6ooma :(

Me: sorry wont do anything you know w thany shay KARAMTY FOG KL SHAY!!!!!

Rashed: Thanks wayed...

Me: you're most welcome, BYEEEE

And I ended the chat. Walla I was soooo pissed. I didnt feel like eating anything or talking to anyone. He always wanted to make problems then blame me for everything. I guess if I talked to 3abood he would make my day. Soo let me talk about 3abood. He is sooooo hot, he has a muscular body with 6 packs. His eyes are light light brown and his hair is sooo light. He is just drop dead handsome, sorry I meant SEXY. He is a boy that all girls dream to have as their guy. Well I'm lucky he's my cousin and I could see him whenever I want to. Oh 9a7 he's 19 years old, soon 20. So now you know who's 3abood. As I held my BB I changed my pm to " I Hope You Never Existed In My Life " Then after a few seconds I saw 3abood change his pm to " Laish Ya '3alay, La Ti5aleeny A7aty, 6amny Ya B3dhm" Nzalt t7t w I saw 3abood sitting wya 5alty, I was like shit. I ran back upstairs and put on my pink shorts and my black shirt, I kept my hair open and put some perfume. I felt that 3abood came on purpose and that so many things yalsa tistwy in a blink of an eye.

As I entered el 9ala shft 3abood yals next to my mom

Me: elsalam 3alaikm 5alo

Aunt: 3laikm el salam f6ami, mashfnch mn zman, wainch m5tfya, la ts2leen w la tslmeen?

Me: walla 5alo hathy a5r sna fl skool w lazm ashd 7aily, we have a 2 weeks holiday, bayee argd 3nd shamoos inshallah.

Aunt: yalla allah ywfgch w mn 5l9een bn56bch 7g 3bood

Me: e7m okay :$

3abood jumps in feeling soo happy after he heard what his mom said

3abood: haih 5a6eebty e7m, laish ma teen 3nd my sis now, ashoof you guys stopped having your sleepovers.
Me: walla kalm e5tk, hee ely mb mswtly salfa bs 3shan srt mixed skool.
3abood: walla? you are in a mixed skool?
Me: ya shu feeha?
3abood: la mashay
Me: okay

To be continued...

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